Looking for a natural sounding, accurate, and professional translation? Human translation is exactly what it says on the tin:

Translation carried out by a human (myself in this case) without the use of machine translation (MT) or artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Need a translation for official purposes?

I provide certified translations of documentation such as birth, death and marriage certificates, CVs and resumes, and other legal documentation.

Depending on the subject matter and file format, I normally translate 2,000 to 3,000 source words per working day.

CONTENT Already translated?
Not happy with the quality?

I provide a full text editing and revision service, including checks for lexical, grammatical, and contextual errors, as well as document formatting issues.

content ready for publication but need a final sanity check?

I provide a proofreading service, focusing on punctuation, spelling, and grammatical errors.

Need your machine translation (MT) punching up?
Not happy with the quality?

I provide MTPE services for translations carried out using MT and/or AI technologies. In addition to improving the fluency of MT outputs, I also check and correct any lexical, grammatical, and contextual errors within the MT.


I use Trados Studio to produce most of my translations, which can in turn provide you with tangible cost and efficiency savings thanks to weighted wording. At your request, translations can be produceed using another CAT tool of your choice, or without the use of CAT tools at all.


£0.07 per
target word1,2,3

£0.04 per
source word3,4

£0.03 per
source word3,4

£0.04 per
source word3,4


In line with ISO 17100:2015, quality assurance measures, including spell check and target document formatting, are performed on each and every certified translation.


Payments via bank transfer or PayPal are accepted.
Payment for services rendered is due within 30 calendar days# of delivery.

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* Please note that all prices listed below may be subject to change.
1 Weighted word price reductions applied with CAT tool use.
2 Other pricing structures, including rate per source word and hourly rates, are negotiable.
3 Surcharges may be apply.
4 Other pricing structures, including rate per target word and hourly rates, are negotiable.
# Please note that this agreement may be subject to change depending on the nature of a given project and the delivery timescales involved. For large projects, an initial deposit and/or periodic partial payments may be required prior to the delivery of a completed translation.

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